Do you want to be "Money"?
Here's how!

Being confident in all you do is important, but especially as the trigger man for the offense. You must know you will be successful and trust your own abilities, especially when things aren't going well. Your teammates and coaches will see that in you, and the team will feed off of it. The opposite will be the case if you doubt. There are a lot of plays in a football game and you don't score on all of them. The next play may be the one that changes everything, so stay positive, and be confident.

Don't confuse management, or power, with leadership. There is a huge difference. You can throw the ball a mile, you can run like the wind, you can get people to do what you say because of your position, and even manage a situation for positive, short term results, but if you can't lead you are very vulnerable and most likely eventually will fall short. Football is the ultimate team game, not a one man sport, and a player without the respect and support of the other players he is playing with will find himself fighting against both teams during the game and losing to both. Be an example on, and off the field. Too many quarterbacks are knuckle heads in the halls at school. Remember that people will soon forget how many yards you ran for, or how many touchdowns you scored, but they will remember if you were a good person. Be grateful you can be "The Quarterback"… and remember it can disappear real fast, and then what are you?

You will get knocked down…just get up before the guy that knocked you down does and then help him up (he will hate that). I believe quarterbacks are the best athletes on the field. They should be the toughest as well. The quarterback position is not for guys who are content with mediocrity, or with second place. You should expect A's in the classroom, and wins on the field. Ultimately it is whether or not you win that will define you as a quarterback. Just think of John Elway and Steve Young. They were considered very good quarterbacks for a long time, but it was not until they won the Super Bowl that they were considered great. If you want to play quarterback you better hate losing so bad that losers will either rise up and get on board with you, or get their sorry butts out of your way.

The truth is that you may be the nicest guy in the world,a good leader, confident and competitive, but if you can't throw the ball a little bit, or move well enough to avoid getting hit from time to time, you will not be a very good quarterback. Speed, Power, Balance, Reaction and Agility are critical components of a successful QB. Remember that the very best athletes are not born, they are made.

Awareness, Footwork, Posture, Weight Transfer, Release, Arm Strength, Timing and Accuracy. These 8 areas are each worthy of pages of description, and deserve hours of attention during the off season and the regular season. These are the basics, yet are too often forgotten and replaced for just throwing the ball back and forth. Having a solid understanding of each is what makes a fundamentally sound quarterback. You must always be trying to improve these areas.