Just wanted to express to you my sincere appreciation for all of your help with Michael. We just returned from Massachusetts, where Michael excelled at a camp he attended. It was a complete 180 from where he was approximately 4 months ago...he looked and acted like a different player...one thing we have struggled with is his confidence level; however, since he began working with you, that area has improved 10-fold...we have seen nothing but progress in his whole demeanor, performance, etc., for which we are extremely grateful, and to which we attribute greatly to your work...so THANK YOU!! :) On our flight back from Massachusetts, Michael expressed to me his excitement in continuing to work with you, and continuing to learn and grow under your tutelage!



Being a former Division 1 football player as an offensive lineman and an offensive line coach at a top high school, I thought that even though I had not played Quarterback I would be able to read some things on-line and/or watch some videos and then be able to teach my son how to play the position. I was wrong!! No matter how hard I worked, I just did not have the insight and feel for the position. I know that if we had continued down this road, my son's play would have been as inconsistent as the coaching I was giving him. My heart and desire were in the right place but my ability to teach him was lacking.

I am so grateful that I found Dustin and his QB School. Not only has Dustin taught my son all of the proper techniques, footwork and reading defenses, (of which I had no clue) he has taught him what it means to be a "Quarterback!" He is teaching him to be a leader on and off the field. To lead not only in the huddle but in the classroom, the community and in his own home.

My son worked all Winter, Spring and Summer with Dustin and when he hit the field for the first day of tryouts, he was confident and excited. He also a little nervous, however, because he had done the work, his nerves quickly subsided and he performed very well. Afterwards, I cannot explain how great it felt to see my son happy and feeling good about himself and in his abilities. I simply cant put a price on that!

There is still much work to do to reach his goals but with Dustin his QB School by his side, my son and I believe there are great things ahead.

Thank you Dustin for all you do!

D. Coggins


"Dustin, I wanted to let you know that the QB training that you provided to my son over the last year has been amazing. When we moved to utah several years ago from Oregon I was concerned that we would not find a training program as good the one in Oregon, a very recognized program, however I think we found one better in the one you have provided. Your attention to each young man is commendable and the individual training is unmatched.

I truely believe your training made the difffenence in the successful season he had as a junior. He helped his high school make the playoffs for the first time in many years as well as winning a playoff game for the first time in 17 years.

Tyler is looking forward to working with you again this year in preparing for his senior season.

Thank you again!"

Jeff P.


"Coach Smith has developed me into the quarterback I am now. I've worked out with him for two years now and he has a very big influence on my life. He helped me earn my scholarship and will improve dramatically anyone wanting to learn how to play QB."

Breck L.


"Special thanks to you Dustin for the time you have spent with my son Dakota LaBounty as his personal quarterback coach. The write ups we have seen on Dakota have been great, but most importantly has been your training. That is the main reason he earned the opportunity to play QB at Snow College (ranked #2 JC in the Nation). There are very few coaches gifted in the ability to coach the position of quarterback, we are blessed to have the best coach in Utah working with my son. I'm not sure where Dakota would be today in football had he not received training from you Dustin, I thank you for what you have done for my son as quarterback and look forward to him being trained by you in the off season while in college."


Jeff L.



I just wanted to thank you for the time you are spending with Ryan. I looked for years to find a person that could teach my son the skills he needed to be a successful quarterback. Being a business owner for over 25 years I have had the chance to work with many people and many organizations. I have to tell you that unfortunately it is uncommon to find a person or service today that delivers what they promise. You have more than met my expectations.

I have coached or helped coach my sons in every sport they have played. I have bought books and video tapes to help me coach them better and have attended many clinics. What I found is there are some skills that are so technical (like quarterback) that it did not matter what I studied I just did not have enough to teach my sons at the level it required. You have truly been the help I was looking for. I just wish I had run into seven years ago.

The facility and equipment you use is impressive, but what is most impressive is you! You clearly have put together a program that helps kids and young men like my son learn what it takes to be a great quarterback. Your approach is perfect. I like how you deal with every aspect of being a quarterback, not just throwing the ball. What is most impresses to me is I feel you care about his success as much as I do. I can't tell you how much that means to me. Even Ryan feels it.

Anyway, I just wanted to send you a note letting you know how much we appreciate what you are doing for Ryan. I can't believe the difference it has made.


Fred N.


"We've had several quarterback sessions with Dustin and the immediate results are impressive. During the first hour we identified 3-4 key mechanical defects in my son's weight transfer and release. With Dustin's corrections we were able to pin point a few key areas of improvement.

If your son is excited about and loves football and wants to really learn the game and how to throw correctly - these sessions are important for strength, conditioning, proper mechanics, and long term success. A tangential aspect of the sessions Dustin provides is learning game management and philosophy. This is as equally important as the mechanics are - Dustin installs this type of learning in everything he teaches." 

Eric L.


"My son, Jeremy, has been in several one on one quarterback training sessions with Dustin. Jeremy is only 10 years old but I feel it is important that he learns good habits now (bad habits are hard to break). Dustin has done an excellent job with Jeremy.  Not only does Dustin teach the mechanics of quarterbacking, he also focuses on the mental aspect of the position.  We have talked about the importance of leadership, confidence, team work, clock management, and field awareness.

We are happy with the results from the instruction we are receiving."

John D.


"Nick is ten years old. Other than this past Saturday, he has thrown at least one TD pass in every game this year. In nine games he has thrown for 12 Touchdowns and ran for five. Two weeks ago he threw for FOUR TDs and ran for another. I don't care what age group you're in, that's unreal. I'm telling you this Dustin because he owes a lot of it to you. He walks out on that field and he knows that no one can stop him. You've helped his game and more importantly his self confidence.

Once again, thanks for everything,"

Ty C.


"I have had my son attend several quarterback camps across the country and paid a lot of money to send him to the popular coaches you find on the internet holding camps when looking for quarterback instruction. My son is going into his junior year of high school and has learned more about the quarterback position in 10 sessions with coach Smith, for thousands of dollars less, than in several dozen hours at these expensive camps. Coach does a great job of teaching the points and then holding my son accountable to work until he get it. He will get on his chops when he needs to and doesn't care to do it in front of me. At the same time my son has never felt as confident as he does now and coach Smith has him believing he is the best. I have seen coach Smith with young QB's just starting out, and with some of the best high school talent in the state and he has a unique ability to teach, correct, and motivate at whatever level the boy is. We are looking forward to a successful high school season this fall."

Steve J.


"Dustin, In the first session that my sophomore boy had with you I knew in the first 5 minutes that it was a good decision to go have him work with you. Your discussion on what it means to be a leader of a football team was brief but lasting. My boy has QB'd his team for 8 years and is now at the varsity level in high school. Your detailed coaching and critique of footwork, throwing motion, and timing made it one hour seem like we had spent dozens of hours learning. He can't wait to get to going next year with you and to continue progressing."

Joey S.


Coach Smith,

I wanted to drop you a quick thank you note for the time and energy you have invested in Jaden. As a dad and a coach, I really appreciate it. I pulled out some game film from last fall and watched a handful of games. The improvements I see this spring vs. last fall are pretty significant in my mind:

  1. It is much less often that he over strides (it still happens), but before he would over stride virtually every throw.
  2. He is spinning the ball out of his hand much better and getting a lot more velocity on his ball. That had helped his accuracy.
  3. His release point is higher...he still side arms it a bit, but old habits die hard.

Most importantly, he has that confidence/swagger. He tells me that he really wants to continue to work with you once or twice a week through high school. You are helping him learn that hard work and sacrifice have their rewards in a very tangible way.

Thanks again,